Plantar fasciitis
Heel Pain
Ankle Pain
Sport Injuries
Leg Length Differences
Hip pain due to foot function
Flat Foot Treatment
Knee pain due to foot function

Foot pain is treated using the RICEN steps.  If the pain doesn't subside, biomechanics need to be assessed and managed.  This means, in short, looking at muscle tightness, muscles weakness, and alignment of the feet. This podiatrist is also an expert craftsman of orthoses or inserts for your shoes. Foot orthotics in Nelspruit is now available from Pierre Oosthuizen.

Pierre is passionate about treatment of flat foot pain, prescribing exercises to improve foot pain, and demonstrate and apply strapping techniques to improve foot pain. It is very important to do the exercises as well: strong muscles will reduce the load your feet has to bear.

Foot pain is often caused by wearing the wrong or incorrect shoes.  Foot pain can be treated by simply changing the foot wear.  Pierre Oosthuizen will help to assess your foot type and advise which shoes are suitable for your feet, and also check for leg length differences and treatment.

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