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Running Injuries

Bryanston: 1 Longford Rd @ Off Nicol
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Bookings: 081 469 8974 (Cell/Whatsapp)

Your Podiatrist is Pierre Oosthuizen providing foot pain treatment in Sandton, Bryanston.  He has been in practice since 2010.  He is also a lab owner and specialising in custom orthotics since 2008 at Pierre Oosthuizen Podiatry Lab (where he was mentored by a senior podiatrist).


Foot Pain Isn't Normal

Reach your full potential when you're active.


I like to treat foot pain and not just the symtom, but the cause.  Special interests are working with your foot pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain or hip pain. These include conditions such as plantar fasciitis which is pain under the arch of your foot, Sever's disease which is pain at the back of the heel bone, Osgood Schlatter's disease which is pain in front of the knee of growing children, and sport injuries.

I am active and enjoy running - both on road and off road on the trails.

Specialty: plantar fasciitis treatment, Heel pain treatment and Ankle and leg pain treatment.

Expertise include:

Foot Arch Pain Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Heel Pain Treatment
Flat foot treatment

Knee Pain Treatment

Orthotics, heel lifts, heel raises, heel wedges, heel pads and foot pads - Design and Manufacturing

Call-Out Podiatry - I am available to travel to your office if you're too busy to come to the practice


Children's foot problems


Off Nicol Health and Rehab, 1 Longford rd, Bryanston: 081 469 8974

Whatsapp: 081 469 8974

I manufacture loose heel raises, foot cushions and heel pads and heel wedges for podiatrists, biokineticists and physiotherapists: whatsapp 081469894 or drop

Sport Podiatry
Foot pain
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Podiatrist in Bryanston at Off Nicol. Foot Pain treatment in Bryanston.  Foot pain treatment in Sandton.  Special interest in knee pain, heel spur, Achilles pain, ankle pain, foot pain, leg pain in children and people living an active lifestyle.  Bookings: 081 469 8974