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Running Injuries

Illovo: WSMC @ Wanderers Stadium,
39 Corlett Drive

Bryanston: 1 Longford Rd @ Off Nicol
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Your Podiatrist is Pierre Oosthuizen.  He has been in practice since 2010.  He is also a lab owner and specialising in custom orthotics since 2008 at Pierre Oosthuizen Podiatry Lab (where he was mentored by a senior podiatrist).


Foot Pain Isn't Normal

Reach your full potential when you're active.


I like to treat the cause.  It involves your biomechanics - meaning the way your muscles and joints influence the movement of the bones - and many other factors.  The way you move willingly or unwillingly, the shoes that you wear, the alignment of your foot bones - flat feet or high arches, tight muscles and weak muscles - all affect your feet, knees and hips.


Foot Pain (Sport and Exercise injuries)
Children's feet
Flat foot treatment

Knee Pain

Heel Pain

Orthotics - Design and Manufacturing

Call-Out Podiatry - I am available to travel to your office if you're too busy to come to the practice


Children's foot problems


Off Nicol Health and Rehab, 1 Longford rd, Bryanston: 011 463 8330

WSMC @ Wanderers Stadium, 39 Corlett Drive, Illovo: 081 469 8974

Whatsapp: 081 469 8974

Sport Podiatry
Foot pain
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Podiatrist in Bryanston at Off Nicol. Podiatrist in Sandton - Illovo at WSMC (Wanderers Stadium).  Special interest in knee pain, heel pain, ankle pain, foot pain, leg pain in children and people living an active lifestyle.  Bookings: 081 469 8974